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Put Butts In Da Seats

Special guest blog by DannyC, South Louisiana, USA

Larger audiences . . . am I doing my share to “Put Butts In Da Seats?”

Rock CrowdI ask this question as while StreetJelly is no doubt a wonderful site for musicians and songwriters to showcase their talent the fact remains for ultimate success, for performers anyway, we as a group must do all we can to boost the “civilian members” of our audiences. This is of prime importance if indeed you truly want to get compensated i.e. tips from your performances.

For you “true” buskers out there, I’d be willing to bet when you stake out a setup location you are looking for the highest traffic and target music demographic audience you can reach. Well on SJ while we have a built in audience, they are like family, and while I love my “real” family as much as the next guy they are the last group I would ever expect to support my living, especially as a musician. With this said, if we want to grow our tips and audience size we simply must get more music fans to visit SJ.

As a group we can instantly start bringing in more audience members. Look, we all have email accounts, 99% of us have FB pages or websites. I urge you to take a little time, say once a month or so to do some blitz emails campaigns, FB sharing promotions and website links and yes “blatantly plug” your future performances. It’s numbers game guys, the more we “all” tell the story to our contacts and get them to tell it to their contacts the larger the “civilian” audiences will be. And every new music lover we drive to our performance will eventually check out other performers. In fact I encourage you to point out the diversity of music they can hear on SJ in your campaigns. I learned long ago you only gain by plugging other acts as you highlight yours.

Frankie and Martina have a wonderful website built with the musician and music lover in mind, and I like many of you are very thankful for the platform they have given us to showcase our music. But, IMHO, the time has come for “us” to do something to grow SJ. We as musicians just can’t sit back, plug in and expect for our popularity and tips to grow. We owe it to ourselves to do something with this platform they have afforded us to insure it does, as the saying goes the ball is in our courts.

Bottom-line . . . How often do we hear lines like, man we can’t get squat for a 3 hour gig in my town, and the next thing you learn is that very often some cat is playing a gig for “nadda” just so he/she can get “the exposure”. Well we can’t do much about that but we do have the ability and means to help build our SJ “civilian” audiences. My bet is that not only will your tips increase but the more local audience members you bring in the more audience members you will have supporting you in your live events around your town . . . therefore your number of live paid gigs should also increase.

DannyCFellow SJ family members please take this for what it is and no more, a personal opinion offered with the hope that if some of you agree you will get on board with trying to build civilian audiences. Either way, I thank you for your time to read it.

Now let’s count off the next tune 1 ana 2 ana 3 . . .

Best Regards,

Danny C.

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  • Great article, Danny! Who has marketing tips to share to grow your audience? Let’s hear them. I’ll start…

    Ever wonder how to easily send a newsletter to your large email list? I use a service called It’s an easy to use marketing service to create, manage, schedule email campaigns. Best of all, it’s FREE up to the first 2000 emails. The site will also help you walk thru all the info you need to know so you don’t (illegally) spam the world.

  • Very well written Danny!!!! We’re totally on board. 😀 Let’s spread the Jelly to the world.

  • you are so right everyone should be on board if your a performer or a listener that enjoys the site ! share all our Sj flyers and Promote your shows invite friend and family and you will see how fast SJ takes off.

  • Hi Danny. I agree with you. We need to start spreading the word via Facebook etc. Image does a wonderful job of this. I am also going to follow his lead.

    I performed a set specifically for my childhood old next door neighbour who now lives in Perth and I haven’t seen for donkeys. She posted a snap shot of the Streetjelly page on her Facebook page.

    Spread the jelly

  • Just FYI I did a little experiment two weeks ago promoting SJ and my set on my Facebook page. I spent a total of $15.00 boosting a post announcing my set. It was viewed by nearly 5,000 people in one day, the day before the set.

    Admittedly here is where the numbers start to diminish, of those 5,000 people only 10 of them contacted me to me know that they stopped into the show, but I know they had to be more there at least for awhile anyway as my audience total for the show was 51.

    Point here is that I don’t care what you are selling you have to advertise it in some form, just blitz your FB and websites no need to purchase additional ads.

    So if every performer on SJ promoted “their” SJ shows the number of non-performers in the audience would increase drastically benefiting “all” performers as these new Jelly addicts will no doubt check out the vast variety of music on the site. But until that happens as performers we are sort of like preachers who are preaching to our fellow preachers.

    PS: I was going to say the choir but that was too easy :>

    Later Jelly Beans!