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Top 20 Countdown – Bleh

InspirationThe other day I was flipping through the cable TV channels and settled on a Top 20 Music Countdown show.  I was so underwhelmed!

After watching this countdown show for about an hour (I didn’t last the full two hours), it made me start to wonder what was so mediocre about it.

Then it hit me, I wasn’t entertained.  The music, the videos, the try-too-hard-to-make-a-cool-video camera angles were so uninspiring.  The passion didn’t come through from the artists.  I couldn’t help but comparing the videos to the over sensationalized local news “stories.”  You know them well, you watch them every evening.  The local-beat reporter spends around 60 seconds on a bit.  They stretch a 10 second statement of the actual news fact into a superfluous series of one-liners and sound bites.  Worse, the video is almost always a series of 3 second clips.  Watch it next time, on each new camera angle count to the three!  These music videos were the same way.  Lame.

Most of you that know me understand that I’m not a ranting type of guy; I don’t care for politics, controversy, and especially cynicism.  Who am I to say what is “wrong with the world today” or even just the music industry?  But I want to tell you what I witnessed on StreetJelly in the past six months that blows away pop culture music.  Nothing speaks better through music than the passion of a live and intimate performance.

Yes, I am very biased toward SJ.  But it’s true, I’ve never been able to experience so much love in music since we launched the website last fall.  I actually feel sorry for the mainstream consumer being fed their formulaic music videos.  They are really missing out on the art of music.

~Frankie, the Founder (a.k.a. King) of StreetJelly

What would you change if you made a music video today?

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  • Over exposure, repetitive and everything sounds the same. I cannot tell the difference between pop music and country music. It all sounds the same to me. This is big money doing whatever it takes to mo money. Very commercial. This is how the machine works and it does suck. Many times I just watch the videos without listening, hence eye candy to me. Yep me man.

    I personally will continue to not be part of that machine. Continue to stay true to the music and continue to listen and watch some great artists on the streetjelly. peace out. Damian

  • Amanda on July 13, 2013 at 9:27 am said:

    So true. It’s sad to see how little main stream music has to offer these days.

    That’s why I’m so glad that my family and I found our way to StreetJelly. We love the great community of artists and music lovers that continue to grow.

  • Your choking me up. That is why I am addicted to streetjelly, I love live music….I want raw real performance, not over choreographed 37 instrument 70 sound byte and pyrotechnic poo. I want to here your interpretation.