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Guest blog by FiddlerMan, Pierre Holstien.
Meet our latest SJ friend and join us for the FiddlerMan Jamboree, Feb 21st, 2015, on
The whole fiddle-SJ-gang will put on a fun day of string music in support of their community at

The FiddlerMan Bio

Pierre Holstein

Pierre Holstein

I’m, Pierre Holstein, otherwise known as FiddlerMan. I grew up and studied in South Florida. Don’t want to bore you with my education 🙂 Played professionally for over 30 years in the US and Europe. Began working as a violinist in South Florida for 5 years including South Florida Symphony Orchestra and Miami City Ballet before moving to Sweden with my wonderful Swedish wife.

In Sweden I was a concert master in Gävle Symfoniorkester and had two great children, Michael 1988 and Emilie 1990. Four years later I became one of the Section Leaders in Malmö Symfoniorkester and stayed for 16 years before giving it all up to move back to sunny Florida with our family. Since professional orchestras in South Florida don’t provide acceptable income, benefits, and security, I felt the desire to do something slightly different.

Fiddlerman.comNot knowing where it would take me I founded with the intention of providing violinists, both new and experienced, a great place to learn, improve, get motivated, and just hangout. In addition to all it’s many resources, interested members participate in community virtual group video projects which they work on, record, submit for me to mix and post on YouTube.

The popularity of led to the start of in January 2012 which I am running with the help of my son. My knowledge of string instruments makes it easier to choose, test, adjust and suggest great affordable instruments for our customers. We also sell Basses, Cellos, Violas, Guitars, Ukuleles and Mandolins plus accessories. I believe that if we can’t satisfy a customer we haven’t done our job.

I strongly encourage our members to perform on streetjelly for it’s unlimited benefits of performance and motivation.

Thanks for this site.

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  • Great blog post. I am so happy to have met you from It truly is the site for anyone to learn the violin free of charge, a great community, with an excellent resource for buying instruments and supplies.

  • Pierre is a great guy, always willing to lend a hand teaching. His fiddlershop goes beyond customer service. These guys will actually answer the phone, and will make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

  • clifton on January 16, 2015 at 2:30 pm said:

    Having never met you, but seeing the result of your legacy, I am glad to see you here on SJ. You know the character of a man by his fruit. Lot of fiddlerman students here, I call them friends. From a guitar player.

  • Thanks everyone,

    It is very obvious that this is a fantastic place for musicians and music lovers to hang out. I’ll work on sending fiddlers over here with great pleasure. When Barry introduced me to this place I was thrilled. Such potential to get motivated, relax, listen to good music, meet friends, etc.
    Thanks for having me here.

  • Welcome to Street Jelly Pierre. I spent some time on your website and did not take long for me to learn you can play!

    I am looking forward to hearing and visiting with you here on the Jelly.

    Best to ya!

    Danny C.