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What is a Family Friendly Site?

“What is a family friendly site, Frank?”

A few people have asked me this question, and I suspect many more are thinking the same thing.  Here at StreetJelly, we often tell newcomers that we are a “Family Friendly Website.”  Inevitably, that has caused some confusion as the definition of family-friendly is as diverse as the community on StreetJelly.

First, let me say that family-friendly on StreetJelly is not a set of specific rules about what words or phases someone can or can not say on air or in the chat.  It is, however, all about common decency and respect for others.

Once upon a time, we were taught as children about a crazy thing called manners.  Some say manners are lost today, and especially lost in the online world of social media.  I say they aren’t.  It’s not hard to remember when online, or in regular public, that we think about our behavior and how we are perceived by others.  When online, it is very easy to offend others and make ourselves look like idiots.  This is made true by the lack of full context in our communications (body language, abbreviated text, misspellings, etc.).  Family-friendly means to think about what you say …or type …before you spew it out to the world.  One can be incredibly rude even if they don’t use any swear words.  (Yes, I’ve heard a few very offensive and despicable people use the excuse, “but I don’t swear.”  As if that makes horrible behavior ok. Oy!)

So the obvious answer is profanity, lewdness, pornography, and gratuitous disrespect are not allowed on StreetJelly.

We are not trying to “silence people,” impose censorship, or restrict someone’s right to express themselves.  Far from it.  Let me repeat, that is as far from the truth as possible.  I will defend anyone’s right to freedom of speech, regardless of what country they are from.  I think my pedigree as a soldier and veteran speaks to my resolve.  But I will also vigorously defend everyone’s right to enjoy music and art without the disruption of a few who can not conduct themselves properly in public.

Here are some simple guidelines to make this easier to understand.

  1. Remember George Carlin’s “7 Dirty Words you can’t say on TV.”  Stay away from them.
  2. Use the movie rating of PG-13 as a guide for topics discussed in shows and chat.

Movie Raiting PG-13

And for musicians, we give you much more latitude for your music.  If your art includes a few swear words, dark topics, etc., you are fine.  We are not judging anyone’s art.  Please take a sensible approach, however, to the diversity of the StreetJelly audience, would they likely be offended, and perhaps give them a warning of your content.

Thank you everyone for letting me rant for a few minutes.

Frank Podlaha,
Founder and CEO of StreetJelly
a.k.a King Frankie

ps – For all the narcissists out there that think I wrote this article specifically to you, that is incorrect.  No wait, if you think that – then YES – this article is totally about you.

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  • great blog or rant Frankie !! and for the new entertainers on streetjelly you always have the option to ban someone from your shows with the red X if someone is being rude .

  • This issue is a two headed monster for me as, on one side I am sick of all the individuals or groups of people who get “offended” at the drop of a hat. In fact I have started my own group, it is a group for people “who offended by people who are offended”.

    The other side is, where I am guessing Frankie’s point is intended, and that is the family in general as I often encourage my grandchildren to catch acts on SJ. With this said if you are “crude and rude” in front of my “family” I would not be “offended” I would be angry and disappointed. Of course that is only that there was no heads up as to what was coming. Because at that time you can always change the channel.

    Of course if I know a certain performer works “blue” on a regular basis I would not let my grandchildren listen to them in the first place, as I already know that their show is not intended for children.

    On this topic there are a few performers who “always” give the audience a heads up as to what is coming in the way of “explicit/dirty lyrics” and to these guys and gals I say bravo as this is a very respectful thing to do.

    Just my 2 cents, or 0.111% of a Token


    Danny C.

  • Thanks for the guidelines, I’ve been a bit curious about those. Much of my material is adult themed, but not graphic, glad there’s some leeway in that regard. New here, looking forward to sharing my songs with you. The artists I’ve seen and viewers I’ve already met have me feeling I’m in good company here.

  • The ones that roll and smoke weed on their shows is ridiculous too. Can’t they do it before hand or something? Good grief….

  • Robert on August 5, 2016 at 12:11 pm said:

    I believe you can also communicate here without the use of this word: “Crazy s— happens to all of us in life.”
    While we are on the subject.

    • You are so right! I had to take a double look at that, and truly feel embarrassed. Thanks for pointing out that old old code that had been in there since 2012. 🙁

      It’s been corrected.

  • Robert on August 5, 2016 at 12:12 pm said:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention this is from your “Fun Stories About You” in the “profile” section.