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Performing Original Songs on StreetJelly, by Andy Getch

“Member Blog Series” guest post submitted by StreetJelly artist: Andy Getch

Performing Original Songs on StreetJelly

I love songwriting. Playing for an audience is a surefire way to test or refine original songs. is a wonderful venue to perform with supportive listeners and fun emoji’s.

As far back as college I thought about performing. As an architecture/engineering student, my drafting t-square or a yardstick was my air guitar. I guess I first started writing when I got tired of hearing heavy rotation songs on the radio and making up my own lyrics to the melody. I most admired the singer-songwriter alone on the stage pouring their heart out in a song.

Songwriting started for me as a strong unexplainable urge in 2009 shortly after I took learning guitar seriously. Within a year I joined an online songwriting forum. I struggled at first, sometimes stumbling into a decent song. Mostly not.

Online songwriting challenges took my songwriting to another level. Most challenges are based on some form of time limitation. I started with a song a week group where a prompt was given as a starting point. Then in February 2012 I found February Album Writing Month (write 14 songs), 50 Songs In 90 Days (July 4-October 1), National Solo Album Month (29 minutes of songs in November), and more. The songs from those challenges are not polished or studio ready, just rough demos, or maybe even a partial song idea of instrumentals, lyrics only, or maybe even just a title.

All these challenges have a supportive community much like Streetjelly with regulars and various songwriting resources. Prior to February 2012 I had written about 20 songs in two years. In that month I wrote 12 songs with music, and three with just lyrics and was thrilled. Since then I have met the challenge goals each year. The most important thing for me is to keep writing, then decide later if the song is good, needs editing or recycling.

My goal is to participate in the scheduled songwriting challenges and otherwise write one song a week in a closed online group. I am lucky enough to be able to attend a local singer-songwriter circle. Songwriting is like playing an instrument, the more I practice the better I get at it. If I only picked up my guitar a few times a year, I would not make very much progress like I do with regular practice. The more I write, the more I write.

Once I have a rough idea for a song, I need to start playing it to get the flow and rhythm. If I don’t play the song I will forget how it goes. I don’t find out if a song really works until I play it as that lone singer-songwriter. Sometimes that happens at the singer-songwriter circle, sometimes my farmers market or yoga flow class gigs. But I don’t find out if the song works from the audience reaction. I find out if a song works based on how it feels to me and flows through me. If I feel a boost in energy or warmth, I know I am on to something good. Sometimes it is a complete surprise when a song works. The audience can sense that boost in energy too. My best performances are when I am serving the song and letting ti flow through me.

That is where playing new or revised original songs on StreetJelly comes in. StreetJelly audiences are wonderful and supportive. When I am singing and playing on StreetJelly, the feel and flow are the same as if I am at the singer-songwriter circle, the farmers market, or the yoga flow class gigs. The best part is the StreetJelly emojis will be clapping, smiling, stomping and giggling either way and everybody has a good time.

Playing original songs on StreetJelly is fun, helps my performance skills, and improves my songwriting. I hope to hear some of your original songs soon on StreetJelly.

Andy Getch

StreetJelly in Two or Three Paragraphs

Often businesses are asked to describe themselves in two or three paragraphs.  I guess this length is about the size of text that someone is willing to read.  Usually, the descriptions come out sounding like typical corporate drivel and you end up counting all the horrendous buzzwords: best-in-class, customer-driven, paradigm-shift, … oh the insanity!  So here it goes, sit back and be dazzled. is online busking: video streaming LIVE musicians performing by webcam for tips.  That’s it, that’s all it is.  …Dang, 2.8 paragraphs left to fill.

Ok, here are the nitty gritty details.  Musicians, singer / songwriters, vocalists, and all types perform in their living rooms, basements, where ever with a computer and webcam.  Music Lovers watch and chat with the artists, much like in a chat room.  The viewers can purchase virtual tokens which they use as currency to tip the musicians.  Viewers can also use their tokens towards awards, Rocker Pins, to give to the artists.  The musicians then cash out their tokens for real money, sent via PayPal.

That was a tedious paragraph, now for the good stuff.  StreetJelly is about people, musicians actually. Take LanaEve, for instance, who performs often on StreetJelly.  She’s a teenage prodigy from Nashville.  Despite this sounding like a cliche, she really has the voice of an angel.  Want to see the most genuine happy smile?  Say “hello” to her and drop her a token.  Then there’s Maestro from Seattle, an accomplished musician and music teacher from School of Rock.  Maestro will draw you in with his soothing piano and guitar originals.  Before you know it, time has flown by and your day is much better.  There’s also folk music duo Rick and Denise called Amaranth. They put on weekly shows from their home for friends and family around the country.  You will feel like you are with them eating warm milk and cookies when witnessing their “house concerts.”

There are so many more stories, but no room left in our paragraph rule.  But you get the idea, StreetJelly brings you in touch with real people, in real time, in all its raw musical goodness.  Try that with a digital download!