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Making True Friends Online

Special guest blog by StreetJelly musician Nicole Coward, a.k.a. SongbirdLive, on her recent trip meeting StreetJelly friends (from the US and Canada) in Mexico.

Making True Friends Online

Nicole and Kristi, Mexico 2015

The “new age” question of whether it’s possible to “make true friends online” is an interesting one. โ€‹For sure, one of the things I love most about my experience on has been meeting new people. People who show genuine care for each other, learning each others strengths, weaknesses and struggles, supporting each other along their paths and watching each other grow…sure sounds like friendship doesn’t it? So what happens when you finally meet someone face to face whom you’ve already connected with online…

Recently, me and the aptly named “whispering John” were lucky to meet Kristi “Lady Mellow” and Rick “Keys Tomato” when we found out we were staying at places less then 15 minutes apart from each other IN MEXICO and at the SAME TIME!! Small world eh? (that was my Canadian’ness coming out there).

Nicole and Krisit JammingIt was a magical evening, singing together under the stars on a warm night, in the centre square of a small Mexican town. Kristi was fantastic with vocal harmonies, and I was honoured when she told me (before singing together my original song “Through My Window”) how she was so excited to sing this in person after she has sang along with me so many times before in her kitchen. We can easily forget how music connects us, we can never fully see all of it’s powerful reaches, and a platform like Streetjelly really magnifies it!

Friends? Definitely! Instantly! Or maybe we were even before meeting in person ๐Ÿ˜‰ me and John made plans to visit Kristi and Rick sometime, sing more together and we hope to be meeting other “friends” from SJ, in person, in the near future.

Check out the YOUTUBE video John did of that evening…

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  • Image on March 31, 2015 at 2:29 pm said:

    love this post !!! thanks for sharing it! and i’ve met a few folks from SJ and has always been a memory i will always remember with each one !! Streetjelly making friendships all over the globe!!!

  • Kristi Gray on March 31, 2015 at 3:27 pm said:

    Wonderful Blog Nicole!!!! A Magical and joyful night it was for both Rick and I! We will never forget it! Yes! Friends! Always!!!! Love and hugs beautiful lady!!!!

  • Three of my favorite Street Jelly performers for sure. Thank you so much for posting this Nicole. My only regret is not being there and sharing a few Margaritas with you guys.

    Great people having a wonderful time, life is wonderful ain’t it folks. I am very happy for you all.


    Danny C.

  • Danny we’ll have to come down to Orleans and jam with you too! Merv meeting you and Amanda and Robert was a similar experience, good friends forever! <3
    Thank you Kristi! We'll have to do it again sometime!

  • I truly am amazed at the connections and friends I have made on Street Jelly guys, I plan to meet more. Great blog Nicole