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No, You Can’t Upload a Video

Can I upload videos and mp3s to my profile?
No, you may not!

Did we just break the cardinal rule and say “no” to our customers?  I guess so.  But I’m not really the type to do what everyone tells me to do, anyway.

We’ve been asked a few times at Street Jelly if an artist can upload their videos and mp3s to their profile.  When an artist is not performing live, understandably, they would like their repertoire of songs and videos to be easily accessible.  We can totally agree with this.

But at the same time, Street Jelly is about LIVE performances.  We don’t allow musicians to broadcast recordings, presumably over and over, to put up some kind of tip jar filling machine.  There is a craft to entertaining the public for tips.  The great performers do it for the love, and the tips come naturally.

We thought long and hard about adding the ability to upload files to a Street Jelly profile.  Our decision was to stick to our guns about LIVE music and not allow uploads.  After all, there are plenty of websites out there for uploading videos and songs.  The last thing we want to be is yet another place on the web where musicians feel obligated to put up their “store front.”

We also believe that the delivery of music will fundamentally change again in the near future.  Digital downloading, piracy, copyright infringement, etc. has made one big unsustainable mess of things.  But one fact hasn’t changed – we humans love our silly love songs.  And we will be seeking that love by any means practical.  (Note I said “practical,” not free.)  It’s our guess that people will seek live music more and more for its true entertainment value.

So Street Jelly is not a digital uploading / downloading site.  Hurray!  We do what we can, however, to help promote our artists.  We made it easy for them to place links to their YouTube channel, ReverbNation, etc. right on their Street Jelly profile.  In fact, we encourage it.  This week, we released a feature that now embeds YouTube videos directly in the artist’s profile page.  Now music lovers can watch artist videos on Street Jelly without having to pop over to another browser window.  This should make life easier for musicians.

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  • Hi,

    I just signed up for an account. Had one before but couldn’t remember the user / pass. So I just did a new one with FB account. I can’t seem to find a feature embed Youtube
    videos! Help!


    Luca Montana

    • Luca, not sure how your YouTube channel is setup. Do you have a regular “channel name” setup on YouTube, besides the long id number? Usually, when entering in a regular channel name in the SJ website, it will automatically embed the videos in your profile.

  • Hi there,

    I added the links to my youtube videos. But they don´t come up as embedded videos. Do I have to add something to get the embedded version?

    • Hi Buffy, In order to get your videos to load as embedded in your profile page, make sure you enter the “channel” link or “Playlist” link for your YouTube setting. YouTube will not return a list of multiple videos to embed if it’s only a link to an individual video.