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This, That, and Thanks

Some quick news and site updates to come.  ~frankie

2014 is coming to a close.  Here in the States, we kick off the holiday season with our Thanksgiving.  Then the real holiday insanity begins!

Here at StreetJelly, we are most thankful for another wonderful year of growth.  We are immensely grateful to all the musicians and viewers on the site that make it great.  Thank you, Jellyfish!!!
New Layout

This past month, we released a new design of StreetJelly.  It’s more correct to say this was a “partial” release.  We are not done making changes!  The changes you see were mainly to the homepage, logo, branding, etc.  Some of the old sections on the homepage:  upcoming schedule, new members, friends of SJ, etc. appear to be missing.  Don’t worry, they are coming back.  We are currently working on getting these features back on the site with the new look.  We will slowly trickle in these updates from time to time.

Next, we are also working on upgrading the broadcasting software to full mp4 (H.264 + AAC stereo) compatibility.  This will allow the streaming to be playable on any device, specifically iPhones / iPads, without having to run a special Flash-converter browser like Photon or Puffin’.  Broadcasting at full mp4 is also the precursor for deploying a true mobile app version of StreetJelly.  Expect to see the mobile app by first or second quarter of 2015.

The rest of our (very long) To-Do list includes services to better promote our artists and viewing experience.  On the short list will be affiliate programs and discounts for 3rd party musician services, a SJ store for musician merch, customizable broadcasting pages to set your econcert mood and vibe, and plenty more nifty ideas we have up our sleeves.

Thank you, again, StreetJelly community.  Great things are still to come!

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  • Frankie,

    Thank you for not being satisfied with the status quo. You really have a tiger by the tail here man, and I am happy to see you are still training him.

    Re the Iphone and Ipad streaming improvements . . . I would love to see a comparison before and after and how it relate to civilian viewers. My bet is the numbers will increase substantially as this is a request I get from potential listeners everyday.

    And being able to hear broadcast in stereo, man this is big!

    All I can add is that I wish you much success and reward for all you are putting into Street Jelly.


    Danny C,

  • I was so disappointed to find out that I couldn’t go back and read any (~!!!) of my fans comments from a performance after I finished. Instead of clicking stop broadcast, I guess I should’ve just PAUSED it. Nowhere did I find any mention of that before joining or performing for the fiddlefest events. I suggest that a performer has their chat window saved for at least 24 hrs after they end their broadcast. Now I have no clue what anyone said or who was there commenting… 🙁