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It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World, by Amanda Crann

Special guest blog about twin brother’s amazing reunion over StreetJelly!

Merv and Chico

Chico (left) and Merv (right)

We hear this phrase so often in our day to day lives. Recently, Merv, a.k.a. Image, and his twin brother, Chico, were reminded of just what a truism it really is. After almost nine years apart, these two brothers have reconnected through the magic that is, and I have been lucky enough to bear witness to this wonderful family reunion.

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 started off like any other day. Image was buzzing around StreetJelly, like he always does (lol), little did he know that he was about to get a huge surprise. Completely out of the blue his twin brother, Chico, just happened to come across StreetJelly and he stopped to check it out. The two of them ended up in the same show. They both were shocked to be looking at a picture of themselves in the chat while someone else was talking.Merv and Chico Jam

So with the help of Skype, the two of them got talking and even arranged a visit that happened earlier this week. Our home was full of the sounds of music and reminiscing as the two of them shared their stories and filled each other in on their lives now.

It was an amazing experience for all of us to be able to welcome Chico into our home and our family. ☺ We look forward to seeing much more of him. Keep your eyes posted to the Jelly and you just might see him pop up in one of our shows or us in his.

Thanks once again goes to Frankie for providing us with the amazing site that is A site that really does go to show that anything is possible with the power of music behind it.Merv and Chico Hats

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  • Wonderful story Amanda. Best to your wonderful family.

    Does this mean Robert now has another musician to keep on key? lol


    Danny C.