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StreetJelly Musicians Play from their Heart

“Another delight happened in StreetJelly Land. SJ Musician DannyC donates his tips to the Wounded Warrior Project.  As a veteran, this kind gesture really hits home.  It is also a great testament to the musicians and viewers on StreetJelly that support one another, support live music, and nourish a community of wonderful people.”
~Frank Podlaha

The proceeds for my 1st month on StreetJelly resulted in 92.80 of tips of which we rounded the charity check up to $100.00 even and mailed it to The Wounded Warrior Project last week. Thanks to SJ and of course all of you who found it in your heart to tip at my sets. We sincerely appreciate you guys!

Danny Campo Donation to Wounded Warrior Project,
Facebook, February 15th, 2014

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  • Kenny Z on March 3, 2014 at 2:18 pm said:

    It takes a good guy to do this Danny. I didn’t know your charity changed every so often. ^5

  • Music is the Universal Language of the Soul, it is nice to see how one Soul can be so giving to those who were willing to give all. Our Soldiers appreciate your encouragement and your help, they deserve nothing less. Way to go, Danny C., I applaud you.