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Caution: StreetJelly Flies are Biting

JellyflyCaution: You may have been bitten by the StreetJelly Fly?Jellyfly

StreetJelly FlyHow has StreetJelly changed your music listening, daily habits?  I’ll start…

I was listening to music on my headphones, a Grateful Dead ‘tube, and when a song was over…  I reached for my mouse to clap with smileys!  There are no clappy’s on YouTube. LOL  ~frankie

Almost everynight when I say bye on Facebook chat, I keep instictively go looking for a waving smiley to say bye.  ~merv

Musicians I love always come on when I’m cooking dinner.
Frankie gets a lot of burnt meals now. ~martina

Got StreetJelly Syndrome symptoms? Add them below…

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  • merv on May 31, 2013 at 5:49 pm said:

    My Bagel and hot chocolate just doesn’t taste the same with out listening to Jayro play some latin guitar in the morning

  • After 50 years on the road I got tired of playing to people who didn’t wanna listen, in noisy bars, so I all but gave up on gigging. Since I discovered Streetjelly I’m gigging at least once a week online to people who are there to listen, enjoy and have fun. And the great thing is I don’t have to tote all that gear around, set up take down and get home at 2am. Streetjelly rocks, Thanks Frankie.