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Watch StreetJelly from your iPad and iPhone

Q:  Can I watch StreetJelly from my iPhone?
A:  Yes, with the Photon Browser app.

There is a Flash compatible browser, called Photon, that can stream StreetJelly performances on an iPad, iPhone, iPod.  Below is a screen shot taken from an iPhone 4.  Photon is an alternative browser to Safari for mobile Apple products.  It works the same way as any browser:  just navigate to a website as you would on the regular browser.  Photon works for any Flash enabled website, including those with Flash games like Facebook.

The StreetJelly website is obviously very small on a phone, the better experience is on an iPad.  But this gives us good insight as we develop our mobile apps for StreetJelly.  It’s not just a matter of “shrinking” down a website to fit on a mobile device.  We want to make sure the experience fits for when you are mobile, verses sitting at home or work in front of a pc.  In the meantime, check out the Photon Browser.  Cost as of this time is $3.99 on the iTunes App Store.

Photon Browser for iPad:

Photon Browser for iPhone:


Taken from an iPhone 4 with Photon Browser

Taken from an iPhone 4 with Photon Browser

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  • No, you can not broadcast as a musician with this browser. It doesn’t seem to recognize the iPhone webcam or mic. Same on the iPad. I guess the vendor is still working on that part. But it does work great to view artists.

  • Review: I drove home today while watching Damian on my iPhone. Ok, I wasn’t actually “watching” …per se. So the Photon browser worked well on 3g (it’s an iPhone 4). I didn’t have my headphones, so the sound out of the tiny phone speakers were not great. The video did cut out a few times. But I wonder how well any video stream would work as you travel 80mph and bounce from cell phone tower to cell phone tower. 30 minutes of live video sure did suck down my battery power. But video is always cpu intensive and is expected to do that.

    I think I learned that when StreetJelly makes it’s own true mobile apps, we’ll definitely want an audio-only feature. This will totally help with the bandwidth, cpu use, battery power, etc. Plus, it’s not very practical to chat/watch/tip/clap while you’re driving. 😉