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Haggis and Hypocrisy

Special guest blog by Clifton Printy, front man for Don’t Know Jac.


The news today was a horrid mix of ghastly and brutish things that set a fearful cynicism in my heart. I could I turn off the news, and sometimes honestly I do, but I try to do something else; something important. Life is not a sitcom where the main character is forgiven any thing they promised because it is too hard and wasn’t necessarily hurting anybody. This is a world where absolutes matter, a world where men of John Wayne morals and Clark Kent Integrity are the solid role model for those behind us. It is time for each of us to be the man or woman who will stand fast for the small conviction.

“What does that have to do with haggis?” you might be asking yourself. Absolutely nothing, it has to do with a promise. Merv Crann and I had a conversation where I agreed I would try some Scottish haggis live on the internet. Haggis is a terrible sounding concoction made from the innards of lamb or beef, oats, onions, pepper, and spices and then cooked inside of the animal’s stomach that has been soaked in salt water. Did I in fact intend to eat haggis? Is there fame here for me? It would seem reasonable to assume the answer is no. So why then do I go through with the thing? Further; why is my confederate Christopher Page going to eat haggis? The answer is because I asked him to, and being a loyal friend he quickly decided and joined. Chris eats haggis because he told me he would.

John WayneVeterans have laid their lives on the line for this country. People have built on their blood, sweat, and tears the foundation of family and freedom. I eat haggis because I promised and when my four year old son, my six year old daughter, my thirteen year old friend Robert or even my new friend Joel look at me I would like to them to see John Wayne morals.

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. – Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Eating haggis is but a small price to pay for an altruistic ideal. There are in fact people who will stand for integrity, honesty, loyalty friendship, and truth. Let me some day be remembered, at least in the eyes of some, as a haggis eater.

Lungs? Really? – Christopher Page
Bleep! – Frankie Podlaha
****** – Clifton Printy

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