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5 Useful tips you need to know before buying wireless headphones

“Member Blog Series” guest post submitted by StreetJelly member: Vincent Hill

5 Useful tips you need to know before buying wireless headphones

In this guide, we will take a look at some of the useful tips you really need to know before buying wireless headphones. Wireless headphones offer multiple benefits to users; besides providing the listener with quality Bluetooth features, they also offer great audio capability.

Wireless headphones are simply those headphones that connect to a device like stereo speakers, a Smartphone, gaming console, television, computer and other electronic devices using a cable or wire.

Sound quality is good with latest Bluetooth versions
Over the years, some users have confirmed that Bluetooth headphones offer poor sound quality.
However, with growing demand, much emphasis was placed on making sure those latest versions of Bluetooth were produced with more quality digital sound.

Before you buy, check out for the sound quality of the Bluetooth versions, and see if it is something you can be comfortable with. Go ahead and make the purchase if you truly love the Bluetooth.

Battery Life is important
Every wireless headphone should have great power supply, which will come in the form of either standard disposable batteries or built-in rechargeable battery.

When searching for a Bluetooth headphone to buy, always go for the one that has a battery life of around 8-12 hours. There are some that may even give longer hours of service; some can last up to 40 hours of listening.

Normally, a battery will take less than 4 hours to charge, but can last for a longer period of time. So, battery life of the wireless headphone is very essential.

NFC (Near Field Communications)
It is extremely easy to set up Bluetooth headphones. It is easier for you to pair them with your audio device- laptop, tablet or Smartphone. This can be done through built-in Bluetooth software in the device.

During the set up process, you will have to enter a pass code. NFC is a powerful technology that enables many wireless systems to communicate better with each other. So, buy the wireless headphones that can be used with NFC-enabled device.

Remote in the earpieces
A lot of wired headphones come with a wired remote on the cable, which can be used to take and/or reject phone calls, and stop, start, skip music tracks. Often, they come with built-in microphones.

But, wireless headphones don’t have these features, instead they come with microphones on the earpieces and basic control features. Make sure you test the accessibility of these controls when buying wireless headphones. Research says that wireless headphones with remote in the earpieces perform better. So, feel free to buy them.

Usability is important
This is an essential requirement, when you are looking for a headphone to buy, make sure you determine the amount of money you can spend on it. If your budget is $100, then browse the internet for headphones that can be purchased at that price or under $100. Just like most products, you will get value for what you pay for.

Good wireless headphones under $100 will certainly perform better, and will come with good sound quality, but more expensive ones will surely come with advanced functions such as high resolution audio, extra bass and noise isolation.
Finally, for many reasons wireless headphones are easy to use, safe and highly convenient. Before buying a wireless headphone, make sure you consider the brand, style and price, so that you will make the right selection.

Research has proven that wireless headphones are more functional than wired headphones. If you are someone that likes watching television or listening to music, then wireless headphones is ideal for you.

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